Wecome to the Xi Chapter Website of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. at California State University, Monterey Bay. Nu Alpha Kappa is a Latino-based fraternity which encompasses and values all cultures. Our membership has grown from eleven men at one chapter in San Luis Obispo to over 2,000 men across California, Colorado, and Nevada

Our site contains information about our history, our philanthropic efforts, our national events, our chapters and information on becoming a brother of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity. If you wish to learn more information about our brotherhood or just our chapter in general, please feel free to browse our website or let us know by filling out the contact form in our contacts page... thank you.

To seek knowledge is our first goal

With Education as its primary goal, Nu Alpha Kappa is committed to assisting and ensuring the academic success of its members. NAK is very proud of the graduation rate of its membership.

To retain our culture is our second goal

NAK achieves its second goal through campus and community service. Each NAK Chapter has made its presence felt on its campus and its community through dedicated and dependable volunteer service.

Brotherhood maybe be a goal you cannot touch or see, when when your heart can feel this unseen bond, a TRUE NAK you will be

Nu Alpha Kappa has a brotherhood that spans beyond normal boundaries. We can go to any of our chapters and feel the brotherhood that is present between the brothers at our chapter.

It all began in the later half of the fall 2002 semester. Couple of students from the CAMP and Summer Bridge program got together to form CUATES, an Acronym for Cultures United Associated Towards Empowering Success. Even before the formation of CUATES, the friendship that they had between each other was very strong. In the early days, CUATES was known as a social club, but later it became a club that wanted to help out the surrounding community of Monterey. At one point, CUATES counted with 20 members. During that one-year stretch, CUATES did some community service events in High Schools and the Monterey Bay aquarium...


“Brotherhood may be a goal you cannot touch or see but when your heart can feel this unseen bond, a true NAK you will be.”
-Nu Alpha Kappa

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