February 26, 1988 marked the beginning of a better social environment at the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo for students who could not relate and identify with the established Greek system. It was on this date that fifteen friends who called each other "Xinaco"(Chinaco), gathered to expressed their ideas on how to incorporate their Latino based brotherhood to the Greek system.

"Xinaco", a Nahuatle word used by the Olmecs, describes an educated, amiable individual who's personality and charisma transcends and enlightens all cultures and social classes. The "Xinacos" meeting resulted in the creation of a new fraternity. A fraternity based on their beliefs of a commitment to "Carnalismo" or brotherhood, the search for knowledge and the retention and pride of culture.

Attempting to be the first non traditional fraternity of it's kind at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo put a tremendous amount of pressure on each member to make the organization a success because attempts in the past by other groups had failed. Unfortunately, four members were unable to continue. The remaining eleven "Xinacos" Antonio Arreola, Marin Arreola, Nicolas Arreola, Ernesto Garcia, Moises Herrera, Jesse Martinez, Hector Mendoza, Ramiro Ramos, Joel Romero, Alberto Salazar and Antonio Valenzuela ventured forward and with the advice of their advisor Alurista.

Alurista chose the "Greek letters NAK" to enunciate the sound of Nac in "Xinaco" and to correspond with the letters that are formed with the movement of a serpent (the open mouth forming the K). This marked the beginning of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity.

It all began in the later half of the fall 2002 semester. Couple of students from the CAMP and Summer Bridge program got together to form CUATES, an Acronym for Cultures United Associated Towards Empowering Success. Even before the formation of CUATES, the friendship that they had between each other was very strong. In the early days, CUATES was known as a social club, but later it became a club that wanted to help out the surrounding community of Monterey. At one point, CUATES counted with 20 members. During that one-year stretch, CUATES did some community service events in High Schools and the Monterey Bay aquarium.

During the spring semester, a member from a Greek organization called on CUATES to take some interest in Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity. That person knew several NAK’s from San Jose and she taught it would be great if NAK could some day be established in the CSUMB campus. As the weeks passed, CUATES agreed that a fraternity would be most convenient for them to take that strong friendship to another level. They agreed that Nu Alpha Kappa would be best choice for them because it stood from what CUATES formally stood for.

In April during NAKfest ’03 at UC Davis, CUATES was officially recognized as an interest group for Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity. After five months their time had arrived and on August 16, 2003 in a national meeting at Fresno State, nine of the official twelve members of CUATES took the next step to become pledge men of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity. During the six and a half month journey, two members dropped out of the process, leaving them with seven strong. With great dedication and motivation the 192-day journey was finally over and on February 28, 2004 seven young men who believed in NAK’s philosophy of Academics, Culture and Brotherhood established the Xi chapter of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. at California State University, Monterey Bay.

More About NAK

Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity is like no other fraternal brotherhood ever imagined. We share special bonds that are created and developed throughout our lives. Part of the development of this brother is the ways in which we interact. Many of these bonds are built within the chapter and make each chapter’s brotherly bond incredibly strong, while bonds between chapters are built through chapter interactions and our National Events assist in the process of making the whole brotherhood stronger.

It is the Nu Alpha Kappa spirit that leads us to care about our brother's good, thus educating the heart to unselfishness. It is loyalty, thoughtfulness, courtesy, and encouragement from day to day. It is real friends interested in each others family and friends. And anything within the bounds of morality shall receive the commendations of brothers.